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Custom Club Fitting Form

Some "behind the scene" photos of Gary hard at work

Testing flex of a shaft

Graphite shaft extraction

Adjusting lie and loft on club

Spinning of shaft

Putter bending

You may want a personal evaluation without buying any of our products; (cost is $15) which would be based primarily on the results of the fitting. This will help us determine:

  • Length —5 iron—Driver—Putter/ based on height and wrist measurement to ground.
  • Shaft flex —A,L.R.S,X—based on MPH of club head speed and trajectory of ball flight.
  • Torque —Low, mid or high
  • Material —Graphite, Steel
  • Lie --# of degrees upright or flat according to height and wrist to ground measurement. Length will also deal with effective lie.
  • Loft —depends on club head speed and trajectory of ball flight.
  • Swing weight —uniformed throughout the set based on length and the gram weight of each component.
  • Number of clubs and type —based on your average score and ability.
  • Putter length —based on height, wrist to ground measurement.
  • Grip size —based on hand size-readings are . 850 std ladies , .865, 880, .900 std men's , .915, .930, .945, .960 or Jumbo beyond this point

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Puchase Fitting Analysis

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Fill out this form and I will send you a written analysis for custom fitting clubs to your needs
View sample of Written Analysis

Some of the question you may not be able to answer—that's OK! Many of the questions confirm, reinforce and overlap the other questions so the fitter gets a clearer picture. Fill out as much as you can on the form below.

Your full name

Email address:


Rounds played per month

Wrist measurement to the ground in inches

Your average score

How far does your drive land? (Yards)

What is your glove size?

My ball pattern is

My ball flight trajectory is

I am

My back tempo swing is

My general full tempo swing is

What direction is your DIVOT?

How tall are you?

Individual rounds Per year played?

Average club head speed(mph) with DRIVER?

Average club head speed(mph) with 5 IRON?

From 150 yards out I would hit a

I've been playing golf for

Do you have any physical disabilites I should know about?

Any comments or questions?