Project info

  • 1) Distance is much more important than direction
  • 2) Try to roll long putts close to the hole (2-3 feet) There is too much pressure trying to make a 40-50 foot putt–be happy with a tap-in.
  • 3) The stroke “favors” a gate type motion because a putter has a lie of 72degrees NOT 90 degrees.
  • 4) Golfers that take a putter straight back and straight through “SELDOM” become a good putter.
  • 5) The set-up:>Eyes over the line. (not the ball) >Putter aims to the hole with feet and body aligning parallel. >Good posture– >There are many putting grips-I prefer the “reverse overlap ” >Hands “Hang” below shoulders. >Hips and heels are in alignment with each other. >Bend form the hips-slight bend in the knees. >”MAKE SURE the PUTTER FITS”-especially the length! >Ball position slightly forward (assist hitting up on the putt)
  • 6) Bonus comments:Get an O-Ball-make sure the circle rolls end-over-end. (A Must)Strokes should have similar rhythm no matter how long the putt. You do not have to make a putt-just do your very best and accept the results with a smile. Hit the putt on the third stroke-visualize and practice your feel on the first two. Stroke the putt and listen-golfers look-up way too soon (watch Tiger) Learn about ; into and down grain; breaking putts; types of grass and the term touch and feel. (online)
  • Drills:1) Look at the hole,2) Putt with your eyes closed and3) Putt with the right hand only. (Tiger’s favorite)