Tru Power Other fairway metal woods may be available– photos, pricing and specials will be e-mailed to customers upon request. All golf shafts are PURED at no charge to our customers!


Starting from $99

Our fairway woods do not have to match the driver when it comes to head design. Tour players often mix the two. However, each shaft relates to “all” other shafts; each is a custom built fairway metal wood and made of stainless steel– with lofts varying from 13 to 24 degrees, depending on the results of your “custom fitting” chart. Our fairway metals come in #3, #5, and #7 woods. These are samples of our popular fairway heads, found in the secondary market. Compare our prices to major brands. Why pay OEM prices when you can get a similar quality for a fraction of the price? Each fairway metal is built according to your personal fitting information results.