Compare our prices to major brands. Why pay OEM prices when you can get a similar quality for a fraction of the price? Each sand wedge is built according to your personal fitting information results.

Other Sand wedge styles may be available– photos, pricing and specials will be e-mailed to customers upon request. All golf shafts are PURED at no charge to our customers! Graphite shafts are available upon request for $10 added per club.

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Starting form $59

Most golfers find there is a NEED to have a multiple set of sand wedges in their golf bag. I carry a 48, (part of my iron set) 52 degree, (called the gap wedge-touring professionals love it) 56 degree (comes with each 9-club set) and the 60 degree. (Called the lob wedge-for high short pitch shots) A customer purchasing the added 2 wedges receive a $10 dollar discount off the retail price of each wedge. These are samples of our popular wedge clubs, found in the secondary market.